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This is our home page. On this website you can explore Gemstone Identification page, Wholesale information page, About Us page, and Our Gem Mine page. To visit our webstore simply click on any button that says "Visit Our Store".

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Your online source for the finest enriched Gem Dirt, mining kits & accessories, rough and cut Gemstones, Jewelry, crystals, and minerals.
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Use​ the navigation bar on the top left to access our web pages. We have a lot of information about us, what we do, our products, and gemstone identification page to help you ID your gemstones and give you an idea what they could look like if cut and polished. 
Our wholesale web page offers pictures of gemstones that we off in bulk quantities to wholesale clients.
Please visit our webstore and browse our large selections of enriched gem dirt bags, gem mining kits and accessories, cut gemstones, hand made jewelry, crystals, salt lamps, geodes, and much more !

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