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 At Gem Mine Online we take great pride and honor in providing our customers with the highest quality, finest gemstones from around the world. Visit our store and discover gemstone enriched Gem Dirt in bags in various sizes and flavors, gem mining kits, gem mining accessories, Jewelry, and more!
Our products are perfect gifts for children and adults alike. From novices to seasoned "Rockhounds" everyone will find our products deliver the highest grade gemstones and most satisfaction for your buck!  

Every Rainbow bag, Rockhound Rainbow bag, and Rainbow Jumbo Bucket, and Master Rockhound Bucket will include a FREE cut gemstone!!!
(bags without dirt do not contain a free cut stone)

Samantha, our 2 1/2 year old "Rockhound" mining our Rainbow Gem Dirt over a 5 gallon empty bucket. 09/20/2010
Our enriched Gem Dirt is comprised of river sand and is "salted" with gemstones. The river sand flows easily with or without water through a screen box or even a typical household noodle strainer.  We offer many different flavors and sizes of Gem Dirt to meet your needs and desires:
  • Rainbow bag
  • Rockhound Specialty bags in Rainbow, Emerald, Opal, and Ruby & Sapphire flavors.
  • Rainbow Gem Mining Kit
  • Rockhound Gem Mining kits (available in all Rockhound Specialty flavors).
  • Rainbow Jumbo Buckets
  • Master Rockhound Buckets

Rainbow Gem Dirt bag
Rainbow Gem Mining Kit
Rockhound Rainbow Specialty bag
Every bag of Rainbow Gem Dirt will have at least one cuttable Gemstone in it. Our Rainbow bags have over 1 lb of Gemstones and/or Minerals. Our Rockhound Rainbow Gem Dirt bags have over 3 lbs of Gemstones and/or minerals in them. Our Rockhound Specialty Gem Dirt bags contain generous quantities of whatever particular flavor you choose (Emerald, Opal, or Ruby & Sapphire). 
Some folks might ask "what is Rainbow Gem Dirt"? Our Rainbow Gem Dirt bags may contain any of the following 24 Gemstones and/or Minerals: 
Amazonite, Amethyst, Green & Blue Aventurine, Calcite, Citrine, Corundum (Ruby & Sapphire), Emerald, Garnet, Kyanite, Marble, Moonstone, Topaz, Rubilite, Pyrite, Quartz,  Multiple types of Jasper, Sodalite, Quartz Crystal Geodes, Desert Rose,  Blue Angelite (Celestite), Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, and Tourmaline. Our Rockhound Rainbow Specialty Gem Dirt bags contain the same as the Rainbow bags with larger pieces and greater quantities and may also include Opal,  Flourite, Celestite, and Arrowheads.
Our Rainbow Jumbo Buckets contain over 8 lbs of top quality rough Gemstones in larger and/or higher value pieces. 
Our Master Rockhound Bucket has over 16 pounds of Gemstone and/or Minerals !!!

Rainbow Gemstones 1 + lb bag without the dirt
Please check out our Wholesale Info Page 
Gem Mine Online also offers discounts on packages to schools and institutions, private schools and home-schoolers. 
There will be minimum quantities for orders to qualify for discounts. Please email us with any questions regarding discounts.
Ask us about custom made-to-order Gem Dirt bags for any occassion, and also about catering for birthdays and other events!
We know times are hard and if we can help you in any way we will be honored to do so....
Just ask !
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What is a "Rockhound" ?
Here is the answer:
How to become a Rockhound....
First, you must have a basic curiosity.
Second, buy yourself a sack of marbles.
Then, everytime you pick up a rock, drop a marble.
When you have lost all your marbles.....
you are a ROCKHOUND !
Young Rockhounds Kyle and Samantha enjoying a gem mining experience right in their backyard!
Example of  Rainbow 8 lb bag contents...over 1 pound of high quality gemstones
re d te
Rainbow Jumbo Bucket : 3.5 gallon bucket LOADED with over 8 lbs of top quality rough gemstones.
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Visit our store for a large selection of faceted Citrine and Amethyst Gemstones ready to set into jewelery! Click the link below to go to our website or browse this page to learn more about us!
We have added several new types of rough Gemstones to our Rainbow mix ! We have added BLUE AVENTURINE, ROOSTER TAIL JASPER, BLUE ANGELITE (CELESTITE), LABRADORITE, DESERT ROSE, TIGER EYE, and QUARTZ CRYSTAL GEODES!!!
We now offer all sizes of RAINBOW MIX without the dirt, so you can save $$$$ on shipping !!! 
Please see details at our STORE. Just hit any of the "VISIT MY STORE" links to browse our ever-growing store!
And don't forget to use our GEMSTONE ID page here on our website to help identify your stones!
NEW !!! Master Rockhound Bucket !
!8 lbs of rough Gemstones !
See our store for pricing and details.
NEW !!! Gemstone and Mineral Specimen Kits !!! Perfect for collecting or for educational tools.
Rockhound Ridge Gem Mine is now OPEN !
Click on "Our Gem Mine" page for more details.